Thursday, November 6, 2008


I've been thinking a lot lately. About life. About our country. About choices. About issues. And about the election. I ran for office in many a high school election. I won some, and I lost some, and at the end of the day you would always hear people agreeing that high school elections were just one big popularity contest. So now here I sit wondering if that ever really changes? I want to preface this by saying that I rarely write my thoughts about things like this on my blog because I sort of grimace at controversy, but I am anxious to hear what all of you out there in cyberspace think.

Throughout the past year as our country geared up for this historical election I am sure each of you had many conversations with many different people about the candidates. I know I did. And I wish I would have counted how many times I heard people say, " I don't like John McCain" or "Hillary Clinton just bugs me," or " I just really like Barack Obama". I am not trying to say what is right or wrong, but what I would like to say is that it shouldn't really matter whether or not whether we like one candidate or another, it should matter who shares our interests and causes. It matters who will stand up for what you or I hold dear and fight for us and our beliefs when the time comes. It matters who will a champion and advocate for those who have no voice. And we choose who this person is going to be.

Politicians are interesting creatures. They prey on our worries and concerns, our hopes and our fears and build entire careers upon getting their voters to like them, worship them even and perpetuate them to higher and higher levels of power. Their strategies are built upon approval ratings and projections for the popular vote. So I wonder, what has changed since high school? Are elections any less about popularity today than they were back then? Or do we all get sucked in by the charisma or eloquence of one candidate versus another?


Kate said...

I agree that some people do- but I would hope that each person looks at the issues and really is thoughtful about who they vote for. I think to some extent it is a game- and some of it is a crap shoot- but in the end- we all have a voice that needs to be heard and what a beautiful thing that is!!! It is so fun to see Winston growing into a little man.. what a cutie... I loved his halloween costume. And I think your dad is really in love!

TnD said...

I think most everyone votes very viscerally--they follow their instincts on a person. There are very few people out there that really could place a vote for someone that they don't like, myself included. I don't like when people say, "I am voting for so and so as a vote against so and so". If you can't throw yourself behind any candidate, is it so wrong not to vote? Does not voting send a message itself. Maybe we could advocate within our own parties to come up with viable candidates and not just the profile politicians.

Lizzie said...

Hi! My name is Lizzie, I went to high school with Charity Eyre & found your blog through hers. I have another friend from high school whose name is Caitlin & I though I was clicking on her blog when I found yours!

I just wanted to tell you I think your blog is so fun & love checking out all the fun NYC recommendations you post. I have been shy about commenting in the past - but there you have it! I think your blog is great.

My husband & I just moved out of the city to Greenwich, CT (I am also a friend of Kathryn Whiting's). I miss living in the city - enjoy it!


Vanessa said...

This has been an issue that has bothered me for a long time. People really need to take some time to think about what they BELIEVE in, and STAND for, and vote accordingly. Great post!