Friday, August 31, 2007

sweet find

I was perusing my way through Kate's Paperie last night when I stumbled across the loveliest little display of items-there was everything from stationary, to luggage tags to melamine plates and I was smitten! After looking around a bit I realized all these adorable little items were from a company called Fontaine Maury. They have a great assortment of designs for all their products and I couldn't resist sharing a few of my favorite discoveries!

These little plaques would be adorable as a baby gift with the child's name and birth date printed on them, or done with a wedding invitation! I love the pretty pastel colors they come in!

Could silhouettes be done any cuter? I especially love the brown and green & the little tidbit I on their website about these, apparently the origin of the word silhouette comes from this legend:

Etienne de Silhouette, a finance minister under Louis XV was known for his tight purse strings. You may wonder what Mr. Cheapskate has to do with modern day style. Silhouettes were the common man's portrait. The outlined likeness of your loved one was much easier and less costly to produce than a full color oil portrait- remember there were no photographs back then.

Gorgeous wedding invitations

Adorable little custom made place mats and melamine plates to match! Remember in elementary school when you would make those plates at Christmas for your Mom and Dad? Well this is the next generation of that, a little more modern!These would be adorable for kids!

And who can resist cute stationary!


Kate said...

When I come visit you in NY (he he) This place will be my first stop.... Last time J & I went to NYC my friend told me about Kates Paperie and I didn't have time - Fun stationary is my favorite!

go boo boo said...

I love silhouettes. I can still remember having them done in 3rd grade, and I can't wait to have my children's done. I am right there with Kate (on the visit ;) and the stationery.

Anonymous said...

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