Friday, September 19, 2008

you're never to young to love books

Winston and I like to read. We have reading time every day and our current favorite is Dr. Seuss, although we are always looking for new recommendations. I discovered this darling children's book, 365 Penguins the other day when I was on the prowl and I can't get the beautiful graphics and cute story out of my head. Winston loved it too! I should have bought it right there on the spot and now it is haunting me. If you are near a bookstore one of these days go check it out. It is great for new babies too because the illustrations are really graphic and black and white! Happy Reading!

On my way

Hey everybody in Utah, I can't wait to meet you!

Monday, September 15, 2008

busy as a bee

Things are busy these days around our house as we get ready to head to the beehive state (Utah for those of you not familiar) later this week to show Mr. Winston off and visit with family. I've also been working on preparations for his is blessing, or as I like to think of it, his "0" birthday party. I got the invitations out just in time last week and hopefully everything will come together for Sunday and he will put on a few pounds so that his blessing outfit actually fits him!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Winston is a lucky boy and here is why... at a mere six weeks old he already has lots of friends and the list keeps growing. It seems that little boys are everywhere these days because the past few weeks we've welcomed lots of little buddies into the world.
Meet Calder. Winston can't wait to chill with this little buddy when we head to Utah later this month. Don't you just want to squeeze those Darling cheeks! Congratulations Mike and Ash, should they be soccer players or swimmers?
This is the artist formerly known as Jared, most recently known as Baby J. He and Winston were destined to be buds within the Womb when their mother's confessed pregnancy to each other at the exact same instant. We used to let them kick each other when they were in our bellies. He has a killer mane of hair and a sweet sweet face.
This darling gentleman is William, who Winston is actually yet to meet in person but mom sure thought he was cute. William was born with a stellar blond mullet and is a teeny little boy at only 6lbs. 12 oz. as of Tuesday his day of birth. Don't worry William, Winston is growing up and he will protect you from all of the bullies at school.
And this is the latest addition to Winston's posse, Baby Wixom (as of press time he was yet to be named). Winston cannot wait to meet this guy who will not only be a best friend but is also his nearest and dearest cousin. I am sure these two are in store for lots of fun together over the years.

Congrats to all our dear friends/family who are welcoming their own bundles of joy! Life is sweet! And what does Winston think of all this you wonder?
Well he is a little overwhelmed at how his social calendar is filling up all the sudden. But I guess there is a price for being popular.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I guess you know you have made it when one of two things happens. One, you are made into an action figure or two, you are made into a paper doll. I myself would prefer to be made into a paper doll because let's face it, the action figures never really look like who they are supposed to be!

I just about laughed out loud when I saw these paper dolls for Obama and McCain. Click on the link to download your very own!

back to square one

I guess I lost all of the readers I formerly had by only posting pictures of my baby for a month. It's okay, I get it. Most of you don't love looking at pictures of Winston all day long like I do.

On that note, I randomly went to the pottery barn website the other day only to be pleasantly surprised by all their new merchandise. I really love this headboard. I think I'll buy it for the guest bedroom, oh wait- I don't have a guest bedroom. Oh well, someday I'll live in more than 800 square feet. Until then a girl can dream.

Friday, September 5, 2008

back to school

I love September. In fact September just might be my favorite month. I am sucker for the Indian summer weather and heading back to school, and even though I am not in school anymore, I still get nostalgic and long for brand new crisp notebooks, pointy new crayons, and fresh starts, and it dawned on me today that in 5 or 6 years I may be headed back to school all over again with Mr. Winston.Weird.

I've always found that back to school was the best time of year for me to set goals and try to start anew. I've never been to keen on New Years resolutions, maybe because I feel like they are made to be broken, or maybe because I am so tired from the holidays I can't bring myself to take on one more responsibility. At any rate, back to school means a fresh start and the chance to start of on the right foot. So, I'm using this as an opportunity for self reflection, as a chance to improve some things that need improving, and start some habits that need developing. Most center around juggling life with my little peanut and also figuring out how to manage other responsibilities, but I'm sure I can come up with plenty of things to work on. Which makes me curious to know, what is a goal that you can set headed into the end of the year? Don't be shy, I'd love to hear from you!

And in the grand tradition of back to school shopping, I am eyeing these clips found via Nesting