Thursday, July 31, 2008

He's finally here!!!!

So Baby, tell us how you feel about being a Creer.

Mother and child are doing great, and daddy is just blogging away.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

belly be gone

No baby yet, I realized my not posting for a few days was perpetuating the belief that I was in the hopsital, but no, rest assured I am here and baby is hanging tight. I guess he changed his mind about the whole thing because I swear two weeks ago I felt like he was going to come at any minute.

At any rate, have you seen the new fall collection at J. Crew? I love it, especially the color palette. It makes me excited to not have a belly anymore so I can go buy new clothes that may actually fit properly- because right now nothing does. I am loving this jacket!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

come out come out

We're ready, unfortunately the baby is not. We thought he might come over the weekend but he's sitting tight despite my consumption of spicy foods, long walks and a pedicure. So now, the sewing is done, the house is clean, and it is too hot for me to go outside and so I am officially waiting. Since I now have some time on my hands I had to post these pictures that darling Kathryn took for me on Friday. She managed to cram in some time for me before she left on her big trip to Utah and I am so glad she did because I love the results. Feel free to skip this post if pictures of my expanding belly are boring to you, I won't be offended.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I thought this article from New York magazine was one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time. Oh to be a kid with a lemonade stand. Those were the days.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

sad face

I have a sad face today and here is why...

I'm sad about tomorrow being my last day of work because I really will miss all my wonderful work friends and feeling so loved there! I've always hated goodbyes. I cried like a baby when I left for college and I am pretty sure even though I was excited about the new adventure ahead, it was one of the saddest days of my life. I'm sure baby will be wonderful, but right now I am sad to leave my routine for the unknown territory of parenting.

I'm sad for people in my life who I love that are dealing with hard and heavy things both physically and emotionally. I wish I could just mop up everyone's sadness and throw it in to the garbage and then give everyone a hug and an ice cream cone. I know life doesn't work like that, but sometimes I sure wish it did.
I'm sad because my feet keep getting more and more swollen. I now have a fat roll in the front of my ankle. At this point my Dr. just laughs and my swollen puffy little feet and tells me how sorry she is. I know it is vain but I have never felt so frumpy in my life.
I know this is a happy time, and I am sure I will be overjoyed when little guy gets here, but right now I'm a little overwhelmed with all the changes coming up ahead.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

family fun

Aren't my sister-in-laws cute? Unfortunately I am missing from this picture they took last week in Newport on the Creer family vacation because we were too close to the due date for me and the little pumpkin to fly, but it sounds like they sure had fun.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Picnic in the park

I wonder if most of the kids that live in NY realize how glamorous and fun their lives are just because of the amazing city they live in, and I am not just talking about the Park Avenue/Private School/Preppy Kids, I am talking about all my darling little Primary kids!
We had a fabulous Primary Picnic at the carousel in Central Park last month to kick off the summer. I was so happy with how things turned out and the great attendance we had on what was a very hot day. I had to resist my urge to get too detailed with the party and remember that the kids would just have fun running around and playing outdoors. All in all it was a fun and fabulous event and I think the highlights were definitely the pinata and the carousel ride! I can't wait for next year!
We had some crafts, face painting and games for the kids to play. Each child got a Sand pail that we decorated with their name that they could put all their goodies in to take home. The carousel was definitely crowded on that day but we got almost all of the Primary kids on at the same time for a ride. I wish I would have gotten better pictures of the carousel horses. They were old and amazing!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Dan and I are negotiating the balancing act between keeping me from getting bored, but not letting me over do things these last couple weeks. So this weekend this is what we were up to...

To keep busy we went here where we got these delicious waffles (warm berries!) which were oh so yummy. Afterward we wandered around Soho where we picked up Dan's favorite items of baby clothing yet, and I Love NY onesie from a cute little man on the street (Dan didn't get it when I threw it straight to laundry when we got home, has he seen the streets of NY). After that Dan suckered me into going down the the Brooklyn Bridge to see the waterfalls, which we agreed were totally overe rated. It was arguably the hottest day of the year and the heat was a little much for my 8 1/2 month pregnant self. And later that night we headed to a new spot,The New York Milkshake company which got an A for atmosphere but a C for food.

To rest I worked on some sewing projects at home for baby, we watched Gidget( and Dan pretended to like it ), I saoked my feet for hours in cold water to help swelling/cankle effect, we took soem naps, and got the the mostly baby ready except for a few projects we'll try to tackle this week.

Thursday, July 10, 2008



Not much new to report but Dr. said, "Be ready any time in the next 3 weeks, I don't think you are going to make it to your due date." I will be really grateful is she is right, and really impatient if she isn't.
We can't wait to meet our tiny little guy, on the ultrasound last week he was measuring really skinny, but alas with a huge head. I wonder where he gets that from?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

double take

I am a shoe killer. In saying this I mean I love shoes, but I buy them, wear them to death and then desperately search for another pair to take their place. Since I like to keep up with trends but I always know my shoes are going to get destroyed it is nice to find a good deal once in a while. I have had luck finding some good pairs at Steve Madden, and Nine West, and if there is a good sale at J. Crew, but occasionally I'll really luck out and score a deal at Target or Payless.

I think my jaw must have dropped five feet when I spied these little sandals at Payless recently. I rarely venture in there unless I see something worthwhile in the window but I could swear these could pass for Tory Burch. at $19.99 it's okay if you get rid of them at the end of summer or if they give you blisters.

I have my eye on the green pair! Now go get a bottle of nail polish and touch up those toes so you can sport your favorite summer sandals.

family tree

I have lots of pictures to post from our weekend and the Fourth of July, but those will have to wait until tonight when I have some time to sort through them, but in order to keep the well from running dry, I thought I would post something else of interest.

For those of you not familiar, my church is very in to genealogy. Because of this, I have luckily grown up knowing a lot about my ancestors and their families. For the last couple of months I have been hearing about an online tool called . This program basically lets you look up relatives by names and you can trace your family tree back to the 1500s or so depending on how complete your information is. Since we are still searching for baby names, I thought it might be cool to look back at some family names as options so the other week I logged on and started plugging in names of my grandparents and other ancestors, just to see what I could come up with. I need to preface this by saying that many of my ancestors were puritan pilgrims and Dutch immigrants so the further back I went the more interesting names I found, such as:

Alford, Thomasin, Mellyor, Admonition, Giulielmi, Atkinson, Gyles, Easter, Hosea, Freeborn, Barronet, Joost, Petrus, Tannetgen - you get the picture, not necessarily names we are considering :)

Anyway, most of the names I found were traditional but it is interesting to trace your roots back and see the dates and places some of your ancestors lived, and if your genealogy isn't very complete, well then you just found a new project to take on. Go check this site out, it is really interesting, and if nothing else you can search for potential baby names.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Dan sent this to me from The New Yorker and I had to post it, one because it is a small way Dan can make a contribution to the blog, and two because I thought everyone would get a "kick" out of it!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday..but not quite

There is a little guy thumping away in my belly and I think it is because he knows today is a special day. He is a wiggly guy, but he hasn't danced like this since he started running out of room which was weeks ago. Today just happens to a birthday of sorts for him, let's just call it his pre-birthday. Today is exactly one month from my due date, which basically means it is possible I could have a baby anytime in the next month.

Crazy? Yes! My current state of mind switches regularly from denial mode to freak out mode, so let's just hope I figure out the calm serene mother mode before I lose my nerves.
Any one have any guesses on when he'll make his actual debut?

was it worth it?

My belly really hurts today, but not for reasons you might think (i.e. baby). Last night I conned my sweet friend Ruth in to heading to Babies R US with me to get a mother's opinion on the basics I still needed before little handsome arrives. She was so nice to sacrifice her night to help me, especially since every time I enter that store I almost faint from the sheer overwhelming variety of everything for baby.

We were progressing along quickly and were making our last stops on the third floor when Ruth overheard an announcement about a "short" diapering class they were holding nearby that included a free gift for participating. We were a little tired and thought a short rest would do us both good, and free gifts are always nice to we headed on over.

Now, I am not trying to sound condescending because I have spent lots of time around children and babies and I am pretty comfortable with whole physical care aspect, but even if you have never changed a baby's diaper before, isn't it pretty much common sense? Ruth and I were pretty much rolling our eyes all through the 20 minute video just itching to get out of there with our free gift. When the credits finally rolled we we were ready to ditch only to discover that there was now a presentation followed by run through of the entire Pampers line of products. Well needless to say an hour later, and lots of laughs (let's just say Ruth was convinced we were on Candid Camera) we made out of there with stack fulls of 5$ off coupons and some silly free gifts. We felt dumb for sitting through it, but smart for snagging the coupons- and to top it all off, some nice guy gave us another handful of 15% off coupons which means by the end of the night I saved about $90 on my purchases.

SO, was it worth it you ask? Well I guess $90 is a lot to save, but I still feel dumb for having sat through the entire presentation. Oh well at least we are set with the basics if the little guy shows up early.