Tuesday, July 8, 2008

double take

I am a shoe killer. In saying this I mean I love shoes, but I buy them, wear them to death and then desperately search for another pair to take their place. Since I like to keep up with trends but I always know my shoes are going to get destroyed it is nice to find a good deal once in a while. I have had luck finding some good pairs at Steve Madden, and Nine West, and if there is a good sale at J. Crew, but occasionally I'll really luck out and score a deal at Target or Payless.

I think my jaw must have dropped five feet when I spied these little sandals at Payless recently. I rarely venture in there unless I see something worthwhile in the window but I could swear these could pass for Tory Burch. at $19.99 it's okay if you get rid of them at the end of summer or if they give you blisters.

I have my eye on the green pair! Now go get a bottle of nail polish and touch up those toes so you can sport your favorite summer sandals.

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