Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was Winston's one month/ 4 week birthday. I say a month is 4 weeks, Dan says he won't be one month until August 30, it is an ongoing debate. Regardless this little bug is getting bigger and stronger and he has even rolled over a few times. We've had family in town the last week and more coming today. Although it wears us out a little, Winston loves all the attention!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my sweet pea

I can scarcely believe how much this little guy has grown! Our skinny little baby now has fat rolls, when did he get those. I know you always hear parents say this, but he gets more and more wonderful every day and he is such a good boy. A lady came up to me on the street the other day and said if she was 10 years younger and a little faster she would steal my baby and runaway- I think she meant it as a complement, but it was still a little creepy.

The stare. This little guy is so curious and loves to look around at everything. We went to the drugstore the other day and he was transfixed at all there was to see! Mostly though he loves to stare at me, and his picture books.
In the middle of a spontaneous little giggle. We can't wait until he starts to smile and laugh all the time!
Proof of the fat rolls!
Nap time with Dad!

Big hands and little hands
Once again, his sweet little stare. We still can't tell what his eyes are going to do, they seem to be a dark gray/blue most of the time.
loving his binks! I never thought I would be one of those moms who would so readily give her child a pacifier but this thing does wonders for him!
He always seems to have his hands at his face
His funny little hairline
Our little cross eyed cutie!
Winston has had his Nanny B and Lollie in town visiting and this weekend a bunch of my family and his Aunt Kathryn are coming to meet the little bug so we should have our hands full. hopefully I'll be more on the ball with the blog since we are starting to get settled in a more of a routine these days and mom is getting more sleep!


I am a little ashamed to admit that I watch the Hills ( Amelia and Eliza I know you won't judge me) but let's face it, watching the drama unfold in other people's lives can be really addicting. In case you ever wondered what a star of a reality TV show like this gets paid, here is the answer. I found this on my friend Kristin's blog and about died. Too bad my life isn't exciting enough to make me the star of a TV show.

Lauren Conrad: $75,000 per episode
Heidi Montag: $65,000 per episode
Spencer Pratt: $65,000 per episode
Audrina Patridge: $35,000 per episode
Whitney Port: $20,000 per episode
Brody Jenner: $10,000 per episode
Lauren “Lo” Bosworth: $10,000 per episode
Stephanie Pratt: $8,000 per episode

On another note, I am pretty much in LOVE with Lauren Conrad's house on The Hills. A couple months back a blog friend Paloma did a post about it on her darling blog, La Dolce Vita.

Also, I know I owe more pics of the little bug. I promise they're coming!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mi Baby

We have had a blast with Mr Winston. He doesn't really do much yet, but we eagerly take a picture of every little thing he does do. He had a great time with Grandma and is eagerly awaiting an onslaught of more guests over the next little while. Mom has been great and Dad is loving every minute of it. Anyways we just wanted to show off more pictures of our little guy. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray

Our Brother in law Brad graduated from the MBA program at BYU today! We are so proud of him and all the hard work he has put in over the last two years! He is a such a bright guy with lots of ideas and opinions, if you don't believe me, read his blog. Congratulations Brad! We love you and and know you are on to great things!

image from papered together

Saturday, August 9, 2008

it's a wide world

Baby Winston has had some tastes of the outside world this week and I think he likes it. Good thing because there is no going back from here. One of his favorite things has been stroller rides around the neighborhood in his Phil and Teds (thank you Poppa!) and we even took a trip down to Babies R Us on the subway, though that will not be happening again for a long time because mom has decided subway is not for baby, at least for a little while. All in all the first week home has been great and we've been well taken care of thanks to Grandma, and dinners from friends.

I just loved the shadow on this one and it really gives you an idea of his cute little pig nose that he shares with his cousins Abby and Weston.
His long little fingers and nails that need filing every day!
He is wide awake and so calm right after bath time.
Tummy time, so far so good. he hasn't even been crying.
His first ride out in the stroller
Winston gets really bored with us taking pictures all the time
We've nick-named this little guy one eyed jack because he likes to crack his one eye and take a peek at the world. He is a cute little pirate isn't he?
his cute little bum, which we are amazing produces the amount of dirty diapers it does. We have already been peed and pooped on a few times but because he is so cute it just makes us laugh!
All bundled up
Snuggling with Grandma Creer
Dad restraining his flying hands during bath time. I really worry he is going to scratch his eyes out sometimes when he is crying. This kid can get mad.
Cute little feet!
Wide awake boy!
We are so in love!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

home sweet home

We are so happy to be home with our baby and to have Grandma Creer here to take care of us. Winston loves her special touch and he is doing great, eating and sleeping well and loving his little bassinet and Grandmas blankets that are great for swaddling.
fast asleep
our little peanut on the way home from the hospital
kicking and screaming

Friday, August 1, 2008

Winston James Creer

Who knew a 48 hour old 7 pound bundle could be so much fun! We are loving getting to know this wide eyed little man and seeing the wide range of his facial expressions. He made his fast and furious entrance into this world 5 hours after my water broke and with one push-but don't be deceived it was NOT without pain, drama or incident but it did happen all very quickly and if you want all the gory details you can call me! My darling nurse Dori said Winston's birth might have been one of the most intense fast labors she ever assisted. We are glad he is here so safe and healthy and he has quickly become a popular boy with all the amazing nurses here at the hospital and his little girlfriends in the nursery (he is one of only 4 baby boys here right now).

We are doing great but staying in the hospital a few extra days so the doctors can keep an eye on me- but we're not minding the extra help too much so don't feel too bad for us. But now to the real reason you are reading this, Winston. After much debate we settled on this name, Winston had always been one of the original possibilities but we weren't sure on it when it came down to biting the bullet but since he looks like an old man, we thought it fit. Don't they say all babies look like Winston Churchill?

This little guy has one set of lungs and he is very alert. Of course it makes sense he would be loud and communicative since he is a Creer.

He loves to snuggle!

This was a picture of Winston after he impressed all the girls in the nursery with his break dancing moves. Now they are all fighting over him.
Being born is hard work!
Dan brags that he was voted best lips in high school, so I guess that is where these lovelies came from.
Meeting some of mom's friends.
His face while watching CNN with Dad and surveying the current economic landscape. Winston thought it was bad news.
Life on earth is a little a lot to take in, so sometimes I just need to take a break.

Teaching mom and dad about this whole parenting thing is hard work. I cry, and then they still don't get it so I have to cry some more. Parents, when will they learn?
At least I figured out that when mom is not available I can snack on my own hands.

Now the Dr. says we all need to get some sleep. Thanks for your calls, emails, and visits. We feel so loved and blessed by all the wonderful people in our life sharing in this new little bundle of joy.