Wednesday, June 20, 2007

what we've been up to lately

I am so bad at keeping up to date with pictures of what Dan and I are doing, so I thought I would get it all out of the way with one post. We have had two kids of weather in NYC lately, humid heat, and humid rain. Either way it is sticky and hot, but we are doing our best to enjoy the summer. Lately we have been taking a lot of walks along the east river esplanade and up to Carl Schurz park. There are beautiful views of lower Manhattan and it is fun to just walk a long the river.
We've been taking lots of pictures too of anything and everything. I am trying to train my self to keep my camera in my bag everywhere I go, just in case I find something that is worthy of taking a picture of!
We got new shelves for our bedroom that look really cute, Two of these are hanging side by side!
We lucked out by getting the good seats to one of the Yankees/Red sox games. My work has a bunch of season tickets and they are amazing seats we get access to often. This was such a treat, and Dan wanted to make sure I let everyone know that we were sitting right behind home plate and Bob Kostas and Billy Crystal were a couple rows ahead of us.
Our picture to commemorate our presence at the Yankees/Red sox game.
This is central park on an especially crowded day. It always seems like half of New York is in the park on a sunny day. The other night when we were walking home from the west side, we walked through the park at 10 p.m. It was so beautiful because it was virtually empty and really quiet. It felt like a really special New York moment. The best part was when a micro burst appeared out of no where and we were drenched by the time we got home, I felt like we were in a movie!
Picnicking in the park!
Since we don't have any cute little baby, or nieces and nephews to take pictures of, we have been taking entirely too many pictures of each other lately. This one of Dan looking so stoic is at Wrightsville beach in North Carolina!
I loved this brick wall in Wilmington, it was so cool to photograph because of all the textures and colors. Wilmington is a darling little coastal North Carolina town, where they used to film Dawson's Creek. I recognized some of the areas from the show. So weird! I love this pic of our feet in the sand! This picture is so Dan! I am definitely going to frame this one!
Our attempt at a Jonathan Canlas-esque photo!
this little market was so cool and I thought the colors in the photo were such a neat combo!
The two of us at my cousins Katrina's wedding.
In addition to all this, we have been looking for a new apartment, studying for the series 7 (Dan), Cooking some yummy dinners (I will post a recipe soon for the petite filet with apricot chutney I made for fathers day, so good!), Enjoying the city, sitting in front of the air conditioner, making trips downtown for Cafe Habana and The Shake Shack, going to the gym (I finally broke down and decided to spend the small fortune it costs to get a gym membership in the city, but I am loving it!) , Blogging, Hanging out with friends, avoiding the hot subways and walking to work, cleaning out closets (I have sold a ton of stuff on e-bay) . So far the summer is shaping up to be a good one, and hopefully it will include some trips to the beach and some visitors.


Brynn and Jesse said...

You two are so cute! I love your photos from New York. It looks like such an awesome place to live and I'm sure you are loving it!!

Julia said...

I love all the pictures-- especially that wonderful brick wall. I am very jealous about your seats at the Yankee's game, we have been to a few Yankee-Sox games, but always in the bleachers. I agree about how nice Central Park is when it is quiet, it's crazy how empty it becomes when the sun goes down.

I love the shelves in your bedroom, you are going to have to help me decorate my new place when we move.

...m said...

What cute pics! I am so impressed with your photography skills...wierd, my photo class didn't make my pics look that good!

Suzi said...

Cute pictures! I love the one with the toes in the sand. And the shelf is super cute! Any luck on the apartment hunt?

Kathy said...

What great pictures! What kind of camera do you have? I love that brick wall. :)

Mr. D said...

I have a Canon Digital Rebel SLR and it is awesome. They have come out with a newer model since I got mine, so the version I have has dropped in price. Look on the internet for the best deals. there is a similar Nikon that is really good too, they were selling packages at Costco last month.

Kate said...

I love the pictures of the two of you.. keep them coming... miss you and it is fun to hear about your adventures.

go boo boo said...

Great pictures, you are a great photographer. WOW! Your seats for the Red Sox/Yankees game are amazing.

Erin said...

great pictures cait! you really have to teach me how to do that!