Monday, September 10, 2007


We've been pretty busy lately, which is why I haven't been posting on the blog as much. I thought I would get you up to speed on what we've been doing and seeing.

Dan in the meatpacking district before meeting up for dinner with a friend.
Doesn't he look bored?

Rows of beautiful fabric at ABC Carpet & Home

The cool old stairwell once again @ ABC

A street fair in Chelsea

Watching a broadcast of the US Open in Madison Square Park

Labor Day Yankees Game (We went to a match the US Open this same day)

Dan with our miraculous heart shaped potato chip at The Grey Dog Cafe

A View of Union Square from the panoramic windows of Filene's Basement

At the US Open (Roger Federer is amazing!)

Dan @ Carl Shurz park
Dan with a view of the East River

Cool old metal signs spotted at a street fair in the East Village

Exploring the Lower East Side.

A cool botanical garden we discovered in the east village

Chelsea Market


Kathryn said...

What great lives you exciting and so much to do!
I hope that you are doing well. We miss you!

Jen Richards said...

No one can ever say that you two did not take FULL advantage of your time here in NYC- wow! We went down to Madison Square Park as well to watch the US Open- it was really cool until Daniel started to cry and we had to quickly cab it home. Maybe he was upset that Roger Federer was dominating Roddick. Who knows. Let me know if you ever want to go for a walk!

Rebecca said...

Hi Caitlin,

I stumbled upon your blog from another blog, which I can't even recall who it was now. I am Nate Boyer's oldest sister and I just have to tell you that you are my kin sister. I, too, ABC Home, moravian stars, J Crew, that engraved anthro bracelet, Nantucket, Snow Flower book, have a collection of globes, Land of Nod, beautiful stationery, etc... Wow, it is fun to ready your blog and get excited about these things!! Keep blogging! Rebecca

Caitlin said...

Thaks for the comments girls! Rebecca, so fun that you found my blog! thansk for reading and say hi to your sweet family for me!

Jen, I swear we will go for a walk soon, things have been really busy the last few wekks but should calm down soon

Kath- our life isn't always as fun as it looks, we only show you the good stuff. Hope you are doing well and I miss you too!

Lindsey and Tommy said...

Wow... you two have been busy. I have to say I am super jealous that you got to see Federer play in the US Open! How fun! Tell Dan Hi from us... Tommy wishes he was here to play soccer!