Thursday, October 18, 2007

Little Eliza Jane

Last week we had the pleasure of having Eliza Jane come visit for 6 whole days! It was so fun to spend to time sharing the sights and sounds of New York with her and her best friend also named Eliza! Here are just a few snapshots of what we did!

Dan and I sipping our strawberry lemonade during dinner @ Cowgirl a favorite in the West Village

Grease is the word! It was fun to see one of our all all time faves on Broadway since EJ and I used to watch this movie practically every day when we were little!

Taking a break at Rockefeller Center after breakfast at Norma's (my new favorite!) and some shopping at H & M on 5th Avenue

These two think they they are twins!

Eliza and I strolling in the park

The view from across the bridge when we went to Grimaldis for pizza. When we got there the line was around the corner.

Sipping our frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity

A couple of other highlights included:

tacos at dos caminos

Shopping at the outlets at Woodbury Commons

And what was probably my favorite thing, going to see Legally Blonde the musical! The show was awesome, if you have the chance I definitely recommend you go see it, I would put it right up there with Wicked. We were laughing the whole time and I still have the songs stuck in my head.


Brynn and Jesse said...

What a fun week! I hope I get to New York someday because it looks like so much fun!!!

Suzi said...

Wow-you guys did a ton of fun stuff! You are a great tour guide!

Molly said...

Standing Ovation for this post... I must admit, I much more enjoy/prefer the posts about YOU guys and what you are up to. I love to see pics of you. You are great tour guides, wow. I am sure they had a great time visiting.