Monday, November 5, 2007

Gift idea # 3, toasty warm

I have decided ear muffs are the perfect solution to keeping my little head warm in the chilly winter without messing up my hair. I am liking this pair from J. Crew, Now if they would only go on sale! I'll have to check Target and see if they are knocking these off.


k. said...

Ooh, I saw these the other day and loved them. My only question- do they REALLY help? NYC is so dang cold in the winter... I don't do very well without a hat & scarve, & just accept the fact the my hair will look better in March.

Ashley said...

I love that ear muffs are totally back in style. Is it just me or is JCrew super expensive?? I'm with you on hoping that they go on sale!

Jill said...

those are darling. i love the colorful ones too.