Monday, April 7, 2008

alive and well

We've been back from our trip for a week but I haven't seemed to be able to think of anything to blog about since we've been home. I'm going to try and get some pictures from the trip up soon but I still need to go through and edit them so it may be a few days. It was wonderful and we had perfect weather and Dan got to golf to his hearts content and we were reminded how much we love my family. In fact the trip was so great, it was really hard to come home. Don't get me wrong we love NYC, but coming back to our empty apartment felt really weird!

This week marks my 24th week or pregnancy, which sort of freaks me out because it means we actually need to start getting ready and focused on baby's arrival which I'm sure will come quick even though August 2nd seems really far away right now.

Anyway, my purpose for this post is this- do any of you have any great baby resources or websites or products that you would recommend? I'm posting links below to a few of my favorites but I'd love to get some tips from actual moms about what they would recommend since I am starting to get really overwhelmed by all the stuff they sell and wondering what I will actually need and use once the little guy comes. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HEY ALL YOU LURKERS OUT THERE, THIS MEANS I WANT TIPS FROM YOU!

And if you are in my same boat, here are a few websites I scavenge frequently researching what is out there, none of these are too original but they do the basics well:


Christianne said...

Hi Caitlin, I am a lurker but this is one of my favorite subjects and I have a collection esp. of stuff for boys. Hope you find something you like from this list. nursing covers the peanut shell

Cotter said...

i have to agree with all of the ones already listed! i would definitely push bebeaulait. I loved mine!!!!

Jill said...

i'm not an actual mom so i can't leave you any tips. but i have lots of great untested ones. :)

The Jackson Three said...

my advice is that everyone (and every site) tells you that you need lots of stuff that you don't really need :) don't go crazy buying stuff - start out with the basics and you'll figure everything else out as you go along! not very helpful, I know....sorry!

Megan said... I'm kind of biased, but really do love their stuff.

Also, I just got Will a bumbo chair, it's fabulous. Great for small spaces.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caitlin,

Thank you so much for mentioning We've made a special coupon code for 10% off all orders until July 2008. Use coupon code: Caitlin.

Natalie, my wife wrote a post about the first six weeks listing some nice basics to buy:

We highly recommend Baby Briefcases, Anything Cloud B, Bebe Au Lait if you are breast feeding and Trumpette socks. Lots of basic Onesies are good too.....but have some fun too...we love Tea Collection for something a little more stylish. And, we love swaddle designs for swaddling blankets, especially for a colicky baby. All these can be found on from our brands page:

Yahoo had a good feature about what to buy for baby last year. We have it posted here:

With our daughter we remember being a bit overwhelmed, but as a previous posted noted, if you are unsure, just don't buy much and you'll quickly find out what you need and what works for you. We're a little biased that you should have some fun too and buy just some fun things that celebrates the arrival of your new one!

Best wishes!

Brynn and Jesse said...

I have found to be very helpful during pregnancy. You can register for a weekly newsletter that explains your pregnancy week by week. They also have message boards which have been so helpful because you get to read about what other pregnant ladies are going through. I'm definitely going to check out your list of baby resources!!

Kate said...

I agree with brynn- I love seeing the progress of my baby in weekly newsletters and what I might be feeling. Also- I agree to not go overboard on buying a bunch of stuff- because esp. in a small space it will drive you crazy. I think the number one for you is a good stroller, since you are living in NY - and walking around will be your saving grace. Just get the basics and the you will be set! I am so excited for you!

Danielle said...

hi caitlin! what an exciting goes too quickly! i made a whole list for my sister of what i needed/used and where to find the best stuff - you can email me at and i'll email you the document. Hope all is well!!!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Hi Caitlin, love your cute blog, I'm not a mom yet, but am due with my little boy in August so am on a similar quest to sort out the stuff I need and a few fun extras. Some fun sites I've found are: & & for toys & for the cute clothes I wish I could afford, but love to look at.

another blog that has a fun weekly prego calender is

Thanks for sharing your fun list!

Kaedi said...

I'm with Nicole -- "less is more" in a NYC apartment. Well, especially if your apartment is as cozy as ours. I found lots of great info from this blog:

Mindi said...

I say shop Craigs List!!! Especially here in Manhattan... so many people buy really nice stuff for their ONE kid and then resale it (or throw it out) for really cheap. My favorite (cheapest) treasures from Craigs List include a free crib, a Snap n Go stroller AND car seat for $20, an exersaucer for $15 and our winter stroller sleeper for $25. Our bouncy chair was free... all were in spectacular shape... what a lifesaver! You'll get tons of gifts (probably mostly clothes)... I second (or third) the idea of 'less is more'. Besides, just because one baby likes something, it doesn't mean YOURS will.

Buy your favorite things and borrow/trade for the other stuff... since the growth/development of the babe increases SO quickly, you are on to new stuff every three months! Good luck! :)