Friday, June 27, 2008


I have always had pretty skinny ankles and very bony feet, that is until this week when my lower limbs, particularly my right limb, decided to start inflating like balloons. I'd post a picture of my actual feet but it is really just too gross. I now have no bones in my feet and for the first time in my life, definite cankles. This is a sad sad day, and not only is it ugly but my foot always feels like it is asleep. I'm going for a leg ultrasound today to make sure there is no clotting. No more capris or skirts for me until this baby lays off my circulation or decides to join us.


Brynn and Jesse said...

Yep, that sounds about right! Yesterday I found my ankles for the first time in two months and man was I rejoicing! Hopefully you can wear flip-flops all day.

Unknown said...

I can kind of relate. The last few days I was in Spain, my feet and ankles were so swollen that I didn't recognize them. It was so weird to see my legs like that! Apparently, it was from the sudden heat wave that had hit and from walking on cobblestone streets all day, everyday for 10 days.

At least you will have a precious baby to show for it in the end. :)

Emilee said...

oh my goodness! i let you see my mullet now i get to see your cankles.. too funny!