Wednesday, June 11, 2008

see spot run

You know when you just can't stop looking at something because it makes you happy? That is how I feel about this cute Dick and Jane fabric that just arrived in the mail. I have some projects up my sleeve for this, mainly a nursing cover if I can pull it off and possibly a portable changing mat to stash in my bag for little bebe!

I also recently ordered an old Dick & Jane Calendar off Amazon for like $5 and I'm working on framing a few of the illustrations to hang in our apt. Using calendars is a great and affordable way to add some art to empty walls, and our walls have remained far too empty for far too long. The best part is, 2008 calendars can be bought ridiculously cheap online. Happy hunting!


Sarah said...

Thanks for your cute comment on my blog - I just the other day found directions to make a nursing cover- super super simple project! If you want the source email me and I will find it! I am also making one- but love your fabric. Good idea!

Brynn and Jesse said...

Wow, your creativity never ceases to amaze me!