Friday, December 5, 2008

and the clock ticks

In approximately one week we will be spending our last night as residents of New York City. This makes me kind of sad. It made me really sad when some of my friends came over last night to help me pack and I was reminded of all the fun I'll be missing out on when I am thousands of miles away. I needed cheering up so I went today and bought a yellow sweater. This made me happy because I realized I can start trading in my black clothes for bright colorful California ones and I can unpack all my darling high heels that can't bear the New York City sidewalks. So life isn't all that bad right?

Image via cherry blossom girl


Jill said...

i'm going to bawl my eyes out. just be prepared.

k. said...


(I shop to make myself feel better, too.)

Sine family said...

I'm secretly hoping you'll change your mind. What do ya say?

Lizzie said...

Good luck on your big cross country move! I'm sure it's a mix of so many emotions!

I must say when I read that you were moving to California I became slightly jealous. Maybe it's just the Holidays, but moving closer to home sounds pretty nice right now ... & the California weather? I'd take that too :)

Best of luck, & keep updating your blog because I'll keep reading it! I wish we could have met up in person before you jet off, but maybe I'll just come be your neighbor in CA someday (I wish).


erin said...

so you're saying i should convert to flats? i don't know if my short legs will take that lying down.