Thursday, July 16, 2009

Proud to present

You may have noticed there hasn't been much posting here lately. That is because I've been posting here. That's right folks, some of you know that I started my own interior design firm a couple of months ago and I've been so busy working on projects since I haven't been ready to share this until now. 

I am specializing in budget interior design so don't think I'm out of reach. If you need help on a project or want more information about my services, email me at caitlincreer {at}

And for now, check out my ideas and inspiration on my interiors blog, CC Interiors


Jenny and Josh said...

What a great business for you! I have always been so impressed by your style!
FYI- My Parents are in the business of custom lighting, lamps, lampshades, etc...
everything lighting. So if you are ever stumped about lighting for a room, or would like a lamp shade made out of a fabric you love, or if you need a broken lamp fixed be sure to check them out. The business is called "The Lamp Company" it is on 1443 south 700 east, in SLC.
Jenny (Hadfield) Stout

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