Saturday, July 28, 2007

together again!

It was so great to get together with a bunch of my friends while I was in Utah to celebrate Erika's wedding! To make things special, we had a little party for her!
Here was the table, While I was thinking about how to decorate the tables, I had this idea to puts different types of candy in pots with little sayings for each type of candy. Hot tamales to keep the spice in their marriage, Sweet tarts to keep them sweet, Smarties so they make smart decisions, etc. I think it turned out pretty cute !
It was fun to have our pal Chelsea come hang out with us!
Here is Molly, Lynsie and Camilla. Lynsie had just gotten back from California because her family was on Family fued and they were filming! So far they have won over $ 20,000
Erika, Myself and Missy! Erika was so calm and excited! I have never seen a more stress free bride!
Me and Molly! It was so fun to see her! I cannot believe she is going to be a mom in a couple of months!
Erika and Caitlin with our beautiful bra shaped brownies! It was a bachelorette party after all!

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